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Na pamiatku Laurie Monroe

Postby WhiteWolfSix » Wednesday, 20. December 2006, 14:16

Dnes som dostal smutnú správu o úmrtí Laurie Monroe, dcére Roberta Monroea, zakladateľa Monroeovho inštitútu (TMI), ktorá sa po smrti svojho otca stala prezidentkou TMI. V pondelok 18.12.2006 v skorých ranných hodinách podľahla Laurie pľúcnemu nádoru, ktorý sa rozvinul do 4. štádia.

Som rád, že som mal príležitosť osobne spoznať túto zaujímavú ženu, ktorá pokračovala v začatej ceste svojho otca. Nech Ťa, Laurie, sila sprevádza na ďalšej ceste...
Laurie Monroe, beloved by all, passed gently from the physical in her
sleep early on the morning of December 18, 2006. Laurie had been
diagnosed as having non-small-cell lung cancer which had advanced to
Stage 4. Complications arising from treatment overwhelmed her body
and she moved on to a much more welcoming environment. Although we
will all miss her presence, we wish her God speed on her journey.

A native of New York City, Laurie Monroe was born in 1951 and is the
daughter of Mary and Robert Monroe. Throughout her childhood, Laurie
witnessed her father's consciousness-expanding experiences as a part
of her every day life. She was one of the early subjects of Mr.
Monroe's "sleep learning" research.

After attending the University of Virginia and the University of
Richmond, Laurie began a 21-year career in real estate. She began as
an apprentice, obtained her license, and started selling single
family homes. Later she moved on to managing multi-family complexes.
Eventually she specialized in developing and managing shopping
centers and other commercial buildings. In this capacity she
assembled and directed a team of professionals that handled
investment analysis, development, sales, leasing, and management of
large commercial properties. Throughout these years, Laurie
maintained close relations with her father and continued to be
involved in his pioneering efforts into human consciousness. Using
the Hemi-Sync® exercises personally and with others, Laurie was able
to maintain balance and create successful business transactions which
grew the company she was with to over 45 shopping centers.

In the fall of 1994 at the annual Board of Directors meeting, Laurie
was elected as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Monroe
Institute and Monroe Products. She relocated to Virginia in 1996 and
has done much to uphold and expand her father's work.
A Loving Overview

by Laurie A. Monroe

As I walked through the woods, the mountains surrounded me and
comforted me with their strength. The earth invited me to sit for
awhile and to listen to the gentle winds swirling through the
statuesque trees whose branches reached out to me with an
understanding hug. As I sat there in awe of this magnificent
creation, thoughts of change entered my mind. Through all of time,
change is omnipresent and it is the basic element of Universal law.

Through transition of any kind there exists a constant--Change. One
cannot ignore or deny change, for change is instrumental in our ever
evolving pattern of growth and self-discovery. With this acceptance a
new awareness of self takes place and we are able to look at
ourselves with a Different Overview, one of total love; hence
infinite possibilities. We are truly more than physical matter and
can perceive that which is greater than physical reality as we know

In the process of acceptance, one begins to remember small parts of
the Whole that we are a part of--the eminence of One. To know that
there is no separation, there are no limitations, and nothing is by
chance is to know inner peace. To illustrate this, experience your
innermost thoughts while listening to the silence; for it is in the
silence that we will truly know the oneness that we are. To accept
the truth of this oneness is to know that we are a magnificent
expression of Love, which is life's energy.

In this state of being, Love, we are receptive to that which we
already have. We are able to demonstrate the totality that we are
through our clarity of self by creating change that manifests
our "knowing" to others. Through inspiration we are able to
effectively model our spiritual journey, which in turn will serve to
support others in their journey of self-discovery. For those of us
who have attained this "knowing," it is our responsibility to be it,
demonstrate it, or plain and simple, just do it.

Through this transition, we recognize that a part of the universal
plan is to facilitate and collectively raise the consciousness level
of the planet. We have been given the tools to effectively create our
own personal change. Our answers lie within ourselves, for we are the
architects of our own life pattern. Through the exploration and
expansion of human consciousness, we serve and support others whose
spiritual journey is aligned with our own.

Our mission is to create a global web necessary to facilitate this
positive change in humankind. Change brings growth. With growth there
is wisdom, and in that wisdom, there is the "knowing" rather than the
belief. This is another part of our mission: to turn beliefs
into "knowns." The ultimate journey's imprint is within your spirit,
your soul, and in that journey you will remember, you will KNOW.

As I walked away from my quiet place in the woods, I had a sense of
feeling complete and one with all that surrounds me. It was a
peaceful feeling of knowing that my direction and path are just as
they should be, and I look forward to celebrating the treasures of
this life experience. As all is unfolding, the tribute becomes clear,
and together we celebrate life to its fullest potential.
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